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ACM Ltd. is a private Bulgarian trade company established in 1996. The company is authorized distributor of 3M (USA), Eaton (USA), Delixi Electric (China), AVE (Italy), Flir (USA) and Baur (Austria) products on the Bulgarian market.
ACM Ltd. is presented with sales offices and warehouse facilities in main Bulgarian business towns – Sofia, Varna and Stara Zagora.
ACM is a member of Bulgarian National Chamber of Electrical Engineering.
All these years we have worked to build a reputable company assuring quality products and ‘on time’ service to our customers. Because of its activity ACM Ltd. has gained the reputation of one of the most reliable and at the same time aggressive Bulgarian trade companies in electro and telecommunication equipment sectors
To our partners we present the newest technical information, realize presentations, training – free of charge and mounting of the electro- and telecommunication products we sell.
The employees in the organization are led by the following principle to achieve the targets:

  • The success and the stability of the company depend by its customers. Therefore the most important for us is the CUSTOMER. Our employees give the best by themselves to gratify the customer requirements and to enhance the satisfaction of using our products.
  • Guarantee for the prosperity, competitiveness, firmness on the market and increasing of the sales is our professionalism. Therefore the products are offered with the proper methods, ensuring professional advices, proper delivery and training of the consumers, which will satisfy their necessities and expectations.
ACM Ltd. develop and offer complete engineering, construction, operation and rehabilitation of thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, substations and facilities, agriculture projects.
As a leading organization, we are obligates always to offer products meeting the requirements of our customers in therms of quality and professional performance. Our business and our success is based on protecting the interests of our clients.

The company is certified to build power plants in the following categories:

- First group - Category 2nd to 5th. Certified for the construction of residential and office buildings with a total area of 5000 sq. Meters, production facilities and plants with workforce between 200 and 1,000 people.

- Third group - Category 1st to 5th. Certified for the construction of power plants (hydro, nuclear, thermal, solar, etc.) below and above 100 MW, electric networks with a capacity of 0,4 KV, 20 kV, 11OkV, 400 kV and more; all types of electrical installations.

- Fourth group - Category 1st to 5th. Certified for the construction of pipelines, dams over 50 million m3 and dam over 80 m, mines, stone pits, etc.

Consultancy, deliveries and service of high quality and innovative solutions in the field of insulating materials and electronic equipment.

Be prefered supplier of products and services.

Sustaining our future includes acting in a socially responsible way toward potential, current and former employees. As an ethical and law-abiding company, ACM complies with government regulations concerning human rights, employees and employment laws and expects ethical behaviour from its employees.
We give a hearing to everybody and try to build up an interesting, efficient and gratifying working environment.