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3 is established in 1902 in Minnesota, USA, as „Minesotta Mining and Manufacturing Company”.

3M is a diversified technology company serving customers in over 200 countries all over the world in the following markets: Displays and Graphics, Electronics, Electrical and Telecommunications, Health Care, Safety, Security, and Protection, Transportation Industry, Manufacturing and Industry, Office, Home and Leisure.
The 3M brand is recognized and trusted around the globe. The people distinguish 3M like a source of thousands of products, ideas and resolving of problems over 100 years. The combination between 44 main technologies is the basic of the innovative new products, which are handy and in the same time enough complex to contribute to make the world healthier, more safety and better place.

3 is one of the biggest American companies with turnover more than 20 milliard dollars. The employees of 3M are over 75 000 in above 60 countries, designing, producing and selling over 70 000 products. 3 invests more than 1, 2 milliard dollars per year in new developments.
3 is a leader in the innovations at the area of Power Utilizes, Electro and Electronic Industry and Telecommunications.

ACM as the official distributor of 3M offers a broad range of electro products in the divisions:

  • Insulating tapes;
  • Resins, paints and sprays;
  • Heat shrink insulating tubes, terminations etc.;
  • Cold shrink insulating tubes, terminations etc.;
  • Cable joints and terminations up to 45 kV;
  • Static control materials;
  • Products for electronic industry;
  • Cables and connectors;
  • Measurement and testing equipment;
  • Accessories for fiber optic networks;
  • Connectors and closures - fiber optic and copper;
  • Distribution frames and patch panels - fiber optic, copper and DDF;
  • Cabling system -categories 5e, 6 and 7.